Air Music plugins cause multiple DAWs to revert to native resolution when using Windows 8 desktop scaling

I have recently upgraded to a 4k UHD display. In order to make text and other items legible on the display, I have to set the Windows 8 Desktop Scaling option to 129%. So far all programs and plugins that I have tried will automatically allow themselves to be scaled to this value, except for the AIEP plugins.

Whenever any of the AIEP plugins are loaded into a DAW, not only will they not allow themselves to be scaled but they cause the entire DAW to revert to the native desktop resolution. This renders the DAW essentially unreadable and it has to be closed and reopened.

I have confirmed this issue with multiple DAWs including SONAR and Pro-Tools. I have also found this thread from six months ago on this community forum, which describes essentially the same behavior with Ableton Live:
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