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Allow Commercial Development Plan for 3rd Party Structure Libraires

Currently, Structure is probably the worlds most installed Sampler (Structure Free) as it comes with every single Pro Tools install. It is also however probably the worlds least used sampler!

Many people I know own Structure as part of the AIEP, but use Kontakt as a lot of libraries are made using NI's commercial development program.

I propose creating a service similar to Native Instruments Commercial Development Program where people who create 3rd party libraries for Structure will have some protection in the form of Sample Encryption. AIR could then take a percentage of sales. This would also allow you to create a free player similar to Kontakt Player that allows for full use of the purchased packs, but does not have the sample creation or modification ability.

Part of this tech already exists as Structure 1 shipped with a 3rd party library for sale!

Please, I beg you to implement this!
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