Can I save User presets in a project specific folder?

I'd like to be able to save presets that I create in a project specific folder, the idea being that I can back up everything related to a project without having to copy across files from the shared default User Preset folder.

I know I can save a patch anywhere and Hybrid 3 seems to know to load patches from the location that they were saved when re-opening a project, but when I change the patch and try to re-save it, Hybrid resets its save location back to the default shared folder (which is just asking for me to forget that I should be saving patches in my project).

Using a version control system such as GIT would be amazing as I'd be able to roll back to an arbitrary point in time if I decide that I've taken a wrong path. This effectively takes a snapshot of any changed files in the folder, but obviously the patches won't be included if they are in a different location.

It's possible I could rig something up by triggering a file copy every time I took a snapshot, but this would require keeping a record of the filename of all of the relevant patches (or maybe some creative file naming).

I think all I'd really like is for Hybrid to save the patch in the same place that it was loaded from rather than arbitrarily resetting back to the default folder. I'm hoping I'm just missing something....
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