Cubase Pro 9.5 w Transfuser: rx2 files do not work. However in Reaper it works.

If I try to load an rx2 file in the factory content - I get the "$Transfuser content - file missing or corrupted" error. However all the other files work. Also drag and drop of 3rd party rx2 files do not work. HOWEVER it all works in Reaper. I have seen a similar problem on these forums with VIP software - same problem.
so my Transfuser cannot see the recycle dll (REX Shared AIR Library.dll). I have installed and re-installed many times, in different locations.
Currently I am using the default location "C:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology\Common\bin\REX Shared AIR Library.dll".

is there registry error or something?
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