Can't find a compatible microphone setup with Ignite. Trying to use Zoom H4N

I've been troubleshooting this problem for a while, and I've decided to just ask.

I've seen multiple threads of how to get an external microphone setup for AIR Ignite, but none have worked. My field recorder, Zoom H4N, is apparently incompatible with my output device (My speakers, my sound card, or my Realtek HD... thing.) and I don't know how to solve that.

At first, Ignite told me that the settings were different, and to change that within my sound control panel. I did that. I've tried setting both my input and output devices to the same setting (44.1k, 48k etc) and that hasn't worked.

Are there only specific microphones that work? I've tried 2 other ones as well (a simple Line-in clip on mic and an old Rock Band mic) just for the sake of seeing if anything is compatible.

All in all, I'm confused. Is it just a problem on my end? A problem with my output device/s?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. I would like to help. Any of M-Audio's Vocal Studio microphone will work with your Ignite software, see here

    Mono / Stereo Switch
    Click on this switch to toggle the audio input between mono and stereo.
    • If you are recording using a single microphone or a single Guitar input, set this switch to mono.
    • If you are recording using a stereo device, such as a synthesizer, set this switch to
    • If you are recording two different sources, such as vocals and guitar, at the same
    time, set this switch to Stereo.
    Important: When recording stereo sources, Ignite will create only one clip, meaning the left and right inputs will be combined into one clip rather than two separate clips.

    Sample Rate
    The sample rate determines the resolution of the audio input and output. By default, new Sessions are set to 44100 (44.1 kHz). If you are happy with the sound you are getting, you do not need to change this setting.
    If you wish to change the sample rate, click on the currently set value. A local menu
    appears where you can select another sample rate, if necessary and available.
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