Default paths in the Structure 2.0.10 update issue

I am running Structure 2.0.10 in ProTools 12.7 on Sierra 10.12.2.

Updating to Structure 2.0.10 fixed the short note issue, but now Structure does not seem to find the convolution reverb files or the sine wave sample for the default sine wave patch.

My sample library was automatically installed to...
/Applications/AIR Music Technology/Structure/Structure Factory Libraries

And there is also a folder called Settings that seem to have these missing files at...
/Applications/AIR Music Technology/Settings

I assume that because the previous installer put these files here that the path is correct. Never the less the new build does not find them. I see no reference to this path in the "/Users/steve/Library/Preferences/com.airmusictech.Structure.plist".

Is this you or me?
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