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I’m frustrated

Hybrid 3 Code Redemption Exceeded!

Bought Akai Pro MPK Mini Mk-2 and got Hybrid 3. I received it on 14th June, 2017. Started installation on 16th June.

While installing, it asked for Pace installation. I do have reservations for installing unknown/unwanted for software - So, I declined. The installation didn't work.

I reinstalled Hybrid 3, but this time with Pace. Scanned the plugin in MPC Essentials, it said "Failed".

So, I thought, I might have made some mistake again. So, I reinstalled Hybrid 3 and scanned it in Ableton Live. This time it showed Hybrid 3, and the plugin asked for authorization code. I quickly copied the code from Akai website, and it said..."Maximum number of redemption of codes have exceeded!!" or, something like that.

I reached Air's support page, where it says that to deactivate the authorization key to send an email to: I did so at least 3 times without any response. I waited for 24 hours after each mail. This way I have lost 3 days.

So, since 19th June I started contacting support - with a same request to resolve my issue with installing Hybrid 3 (Ticket Nos: 1223039 and 1225905). The responses were typically no where close to understanding the problems and providing actual solutions, Instead those contained a number of (repeated) links which did not solve my problem.

I installed and signed up with ILok, but that software doesn't show any installation of plugins not even in my computer or in my account.

I have not used Hybrid 3, so I don't know, how precious the plugin is, so that it is more concerned about protecting the plugin than helping people to use it. I have installed Kontakt also, which also has got a central licensing software, but that was like a breeze and I can use it with Reaper and Ableton without any issue.

If Pace and ILok is a must for installing Hybrid 3 (or other plugins of Air), why not making it mandatory?

I may not use Hybrid 3 ever, but, as it is my rightful possession, I must be allowed to install and use it without any unwanted barriers.

I am afraid, if by chance any "Employee" responds to this post, s/he might again spit a bunch of links of no use to my problem.

So far, my experience is that the support people are too busy in responding (canned responses mostly) to the tickets that really sorting out problems.

Extremely frustrated.

Anybody else faced through similar kind of problems? Can you guys please help me?

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