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Hybrid 3 trial period expired, now Cubase song won't open, it just crashes. Help!

Hybrid 3 trial period expired, now Cubase AI8 crashes (with Mac OSX 10.9.5) on song with Hybrid 3 muted. When I had Cubase LE4 and Mac OSX10.6.8, and a trial version of Melodyne expired, I learned that if I renamed the (Library>Audio>Plug-ins>) VST folder to something else temporarily, I could remove Melodyne from the Cubase song, and the song would open again. I tried to do that trick with the new Hybrid 3 song and I couldn't rename the VST folder. Now I can't open the song without Cubase crashing. Here is what happens when I try to open the song: Air tells me the trial period has ended, and it has 2 virtual buttons. One says "Quit", which makes Cubase crash, and the other is "Activate", which seems like you can't follow through on unless you buy Hybrid 3. I feel like my song is being held hostage. What is the solution please?
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