I’m disappointed

I cannot save my own presets in Hybrid.

Since Windows 7 applications have no write access to the program folder. The proper place is application data. It's a shame that Air Music Technology does not care enough to bring its Windows software up-to date. Hybrid 3 came out 2014 and now 4 years later still no fix for this?

Yes, I'm ranting but I cannot understand why one creates a great piece of software and then simply stops to keep it in shape. Makes me wonder if Hybrid will survive the next Windows updates :(

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  • Changing the permission of the folder is IMHO a no-go. So I tried changing "Users" into a shortcut. While the presets show up in the menu, they won't be loaded. Seems the code does not resolve shortcuts. Oy my.

    Also the part preset browers does not list the "Users" shortcut.

    If Hybrid could handle shortcuts the installer could create a link to %PROGRAMDATA%\AIR Music Technology\Hybrid\UserPresets. Loom II already uses %PROGRAMDATA%. Perhaps this could be done for a 3.0.8 or 3.1 release.

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