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I have a .big problem

I recently got an M-Audio Keystation 49 and M-Track 2X2M interface which came with a bundle of added goodies such as Xpand!2, Mini Grand and Creative FX. I am a Logic Pro 10.4 user with a version 10.13.4 MacBook Pro. Creative FX bundle installed with no stress and I can use them within Logic, but Mini Grand and Xpand!2 aren't co-operating. Each time I try and use these plugins within Logic I always get a message which says "The Factory Content was not found: /Applications/AIR Music Technology, Please locate content file "Xpand2.big"." I browse and find the file but I can't click on the file and open it into the plugin as it asked me to. I have read other threads which have suggested I reinstall the software and reboot my laptop afterwards, I have tried this three times without any success. Please someone help ASAP!
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