I’m frustrated

cubase 7.5.2 doesn ́t accept Transfuser 2.02 VST authorisation on win7 64bit DAW

C752 kills loading Transfuser to a instrument slot and creats dumpfile.

Before doing so , Transfusers authorize window pops up , a online autho is reported done there, but cubase says "heavy exceptional error occured " and recommends to try saving the project under an other name. What is this?
THX Peter
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. I'd be happy to help!

    Try the following:

    1) Remove the Transfuser.dll plugin file from your VSTPlugins folder (or whichever plugin folder Cubase uses).
    2) Open Cubase and allow it to re-scan the folder.
    3) Close Cubase
    4) Place Transfuser.dll back into the plugin folder
    5) Restart Cubase and it should re-scan and re-add Transfuser.
    6) Re-test

    Let me know if this helps!
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  • I’m confident
    THX for help... But cubase solved the problem on its own -didn ́t exactly tell me how, but after doing a similar proceedure - deleting VST xmls in C7 and taking transy out of the VST plug folder , adding the actual location path in c7 and trying the authoroutin poping up on C7 start several times - a authocall fot TRANSFUSER FX and doing the online autho offered by Air , solved the problem at last. So its allright now , all fine and it is a nice pluggo - nice to have and a good additiv!!!
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