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Ideas for Structure, Transfuser and Hybrid

As a long time user of AIEP VI's and other plugins from AIR, I'm wondering if there are any updates or upgrades coming for any of the VI's? Especially thinking of Hybrid, Transfuser and Structure, which need some upgrades. Here's some ideas I've had on each.


1. The fonts and other controls are too small. Even with my reading glasses I often can't make out what the labels are. A way to enlarge the interface would be nice. Even better, allow for enlarging it by whatever area you''re working on.
2. There are no presets available for the Gater plugin, even though there's a drop down menu with 32 selections. I've reported on this before, but so far no fix. Please fix this.
3. Speaking of the Gater plugin, it would be nice to provide a way to save one's original Gater patterns in a user menu, right next to the factory preset menu.
4. For Mario, it would be great to be able to apply MARIO to the GATER. Even better, make it so MARIO can be applied to just selected parameters on the GATER edit screen. For that matter, make it possible to do that on Drum patterns as well. Select, say, just the snare, and apply MARIO to that only.
5. MIDI out from any module to apply the pattern to another VI.


1. Have a "Duplicate Part" function for any part layer. Right now, if you import a part layer, there's no way to duplicate it. This is especially annoying if you go through and set up loop points, and then want to duplicate the part layer once or twice to create depth or whatever.
2. An arpeggiator would be great for Structure


1. Allow for importing original wavetables
2. Make it so the Unison selection doesn't automatically make the patch MONO. It would be great to add the depth the Unison feature provides without sacrificing polyphony.
3. Add a "Part C".
4. Add a MSEG that can be applied to whatever we wish.

Just some ideas for these great VI's.
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