I’m frustrated

Ignite 1.3.1. won't launch anymore


Since a few months now I have been unable to launch Ignite. I got the 1.3.1. version when I purchased my 'Akai MPK 88'.

I've taken all the usual steps. Uninstalled and installed again. The Logo of Ignite appears and then a windows message 'Ignite has stopped working'.

I love using the Ignite software for all my music projects and cannot find the reason why the programs has suddenly stopped working.

I've tried downloading the .zip file again and again, doing clean installs, changing audio configurations, changing SSD's, but haven't found any solutions. Forums couldn't help either.

Windows 8.1
Intel i7-5930K 3.50 GHZ
16gb Ram
External Soundcard, Line 6 UX 2
SSD 218gb

Any help would be much appreciated.
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