Ignite has stopped working (initializing host)

I've seen this asked many times before, and an employee will usually respond, but the solution they provide does not ever work for the other user or I. No other employee reply is ever given after that. It seems like this issue has been around for a very long time, yet no employee has ever taken the initiative to fix it (or at least make a solution known).

Here is what I have seen suggested by employees:

- Change date and time settings (Suggested by employee Chris D). The employee who provided this thought that the error was occurring during installation. This was not the case for the other user or I. It does not work either. No other solution was provided in the thread even though the original asker was clear that it did not work. The thread was at some point marked as solved.

- Reinstall (Suggested by employee Chris D). The original asker tried this and so did I. It did not work for either of us. Again, it was clearly stated that this does not work, yet no other response was ever issued. The thread was at some point marked as solved.

Ignite was running perfectly on my machine before, but randomly this started happening. I run windows 10. I have gotten it to work half of the time by completely restarting and making ignite the first thing I open. If I open anything before ignite, it will crash. Again, this only works about 50% of the time. If I am lucky enough to get it to open, it will only work if i start a new project. If I decide to open an existing project, it will crash. Also, If ignite opens and I plug in or turn on my MIDI keyboard, it will crash. The keyboard must be plugged in and on before starting ignite to get it to not crash.

I look forward to a swift reply with a full solution or notification of an incoming hotfix. If any further information is need I will be happy to provide.

Thank you.
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