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Ignite recognises microphone but won't record

I'm currently using a Shure SM57 microphone plugged into my M-Audio M-Track Plus to record electric and acoustic guitar (the microphone is up against the amplifier when recording electric in this case). My setup is correct and working on Ignite, apart from one thing. When I hit the record button and the metronome comes in telling me it will start recording after playing the first note, I cannot get it to record despite playing my instrument. I can see on the edit tab that the chords I am playing are being recorded onto Ignite, but the countdown doesn't stop. If I hit the record button again to stop the recording, anything that appears to have been recorded disappears.

The image I've attached shows that I've been playing, and my microphone is picking everything up, but the countdown will not stop despite this and nothing will record.

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