I’m frustrated

Ignite lags too much

Hi everybody !

Firstly, I would like to say that Ignite is a very good software, I just love it. Mixing playing for fun, taking drafts and composing in the same window is amazing !

I just have been using it for one week, and I'm pretty satisfied, except for one annoying thing ... It lags ! Time after time, I figure out that, when there is a song clip in my project which lasts more than 40 bars, it quickly becomes a madness !

I don't have any problem to play with my keyboard, to record, or to play my song clip, it just works. The issues are there :
- First, the scrolling features are not responsive ! When I scroll with my trackpad or my mouse wheel, it scrolls for ever. It's even worse when I try to pick up and move a clip in the window : the clip gets stuck into a corner of the scrolling window and Ignite takes about 10 seconds to realize that it shouldn't be there !
- Then, I said that playing was not a problem. Actually, when I tap the space bar to stop/play, Ignite understand my will 15 seconds later.

To sum up pretty quickly, when I am working on a song greatly filled with clips, I'm unable to continue. I can record but I can't move my clips without taking minutes, same thing to replay.

I am using the last MacBook Pro 17', with Mac OS 10.7.5. I don't thing it's a matter of memory, because I have 8Gb, Ignite is using only 800Mb and it lasts 4.14Gb of free memory. Everything else on my computer works when Ignite is lagging.

I hope you will be able to figure out this issue and fix it, Ignite is really great ! But it can be even more gorgeous with better performances.

Wish you to continue to work on this wonder !
See you =D

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