Issues with Structure 2

I've raised these issues before, but as they don't seem to get addressed, I am raising them again. In Structure 2, there is no way to duplicate a sample layer. If you import a set of samples, assign them across the keyboard, then, say, take time to set loops for each sample, you can save all that, but, you can not duplicate it. There are many times I want to duplicate a sample layer after editing the original set and set loops, etc, so I can layer up the sound. But there's no option to do that. I've tried to use "copy" to copy a part layer, but then Structure asks to id the root directory where the samples are. I bring that directory up, and it will not recognize that the samples are actually there! This is a HUGE issue for me (and I'm sure others as well). The simplest solution is to add a "Duplicate" option so you can highlight a part layer and just duplicate the entire sample set as is, as many times as you wish! The second issue is that somewhere along the way since version 1, we've lost the ability to provide custom names to the assignable knobs. Please restore that. All we can do now is just accept whatever name Structure provides, which in most cases, is utterly useless...especially if your using one knob for multiple function control. Please, AIR....address these issues.
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