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Mini Grand and Structure .10 OSX Updates

AIR has launched the first two in a range of upcoming free updates. These first updates specifically target issues reported with OSX.

Fixes in Structure 2.0.10: (AAX, AU/VST):

  • Enhanced OS X 10.12 support.
  • OSX 10.10 + Recomended
  • General performance improvements.
  • Updates for latest Cubase and Logic updates.
  • Cut off sample playback in OS X 10.12.
  • Missing samples in Sonar Pro.
  • Broken Sample fade in/out in ProTools.
  • Play Page: Alt+click on range does not reset range fade.
  • Play Page: Setup - alt+click sets different values then value on load.
  • Edit Page: Dragging Samples from the browser into the mapping editor doesn't select the dragged samples.
  • Mapping Editor: Zone does not show sample name.
  • It is not possible to dismiss Structure dialogs via the Return/ Enter or Esc keys.
  • Effect UI: Stereo Surround Panner - Setting Front/Rear to +100 does not position the yellow dot x/y control fully at the upper border.
  • Browser: Preview Listen - Dragging a wave file to the patch slot should stop preview listen.
  • Info bar has grammar error when missing audio file.
  • Wrong tooltip in control assignment section.
  • Right-click does not select zone.
  • Odd behavior of selection buttons.
  • Mapping Editor: A new created empty folder displays previously selected, Zone.
  • Mapping Editor: Zooming with mouse wheel over zones.
  • "Empty Patch" message is not displayed when 2 empty patches are loaded.


Fixes in Mini Grand 1.2.10 (AU/VST):

  • Enhanced OS X 10.12 support.
  • Updates for latest Cubase and Logic updates.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Cut off sample playback in OS X 10.12.


For owners of ProTools AAX versions of Structure Free and Mini Grand will be updated shortly and released by AVID at no cost to those with a current support plan/license.