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Mini Grand: No Sound, Just Short Clicks in Pro Tools 12

Mini Grand (got it with my new Pro Tools 12.5.2) first worked properly: I created an instrument track with Mini Grand, and I could play on the virtual keyboard with my mouse, that comes up, once you set up Mini Grand. All different settings and instrument-variations worked properly.
All over sudden, when hitting a key, only an extremely short sound is played, almost only the length of a click - it does not matter, whether I do it with the mouse or with my midi-keyboard. There's no way of producing proper sounds.
Exchanging Mini Grand with Xpand!2 produces proper sounds within that very track. So it's not an issue of the track or my midi-keyboard.

I reinstalled the complete Air instrument bundle again - no change.
I created a new session from scratch - no change
I rebooted the computer - no change.
I even took an existing session, where I had Xpand!2 set up as the piano and just changed the piano-track to Mini Grand: no piano sound anymore, just those short clicks (they are in the propers keys, though).

Can you help, please?
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