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I’m frustrated

Missing xpand2.big file

I recently got a Macbook with garageband. When i installed xpand2 it had a verification error, that was my fault no big deal so i re installed it. When i re installed it, the plugin window was gray with a message saying "missing xpand2.big file, please locate".

There is an xpand2.big file when i look, but it's grayed out and i cant load it for some reason. I have tried re installing the software twice now with no progress. Still same screen.

Please help!
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  • Hello, Parker 

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear you are having issues. You may want to delete the AU plugin version of Xpand from your components folder. 

    This is the location:


    Check this location for the Xpand component file and trash it, then reinstall the plugin and see if that loads in Garageband :)

    Hope this helps! 
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