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Hi guys, can you please tell me how to move the AIR Music Technology folder to an external disk, and still have the plugins finding their presets? I'm on a Mac. Tnx. BigRob
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting.

    We do not officially support moving your content to an external hard drive, as this can cause performance issues with your plugins. However, the content can be moved to an external drive if you'd like.

    If you're using a Mac OS X, click on Finder > Finder Preferences. Click Sidebar at the top. Then ensure that hard disk, external disks are checked under Devices. (if in doubt, check everything on this page). If these are not checked, your drive will not display in the sidebar as a valid location for content.

    Navigate to Applications > AIR Music Technology > and select the folder you'd like to move. Locate the "Product Name" Data.big file. This is what you want to move. Do not move the presets. These are only configuration files. The sound libraries are contained in the "Product Name" Data.big file. Move this file to the external drive location. Remember to note this exact location.

    Then open your software in a host DAW. Click the Wrench on the bottom left next to the keyboard. Click the Content Location box, then navigate to the folder from the sidebar that contains your Product Name" Data.big file. If the customer drives are displaying, then external drives aren't checked in Finder Preferences (see above). Click Choose once the correct location is chosen. Your software may prompt you to restart the plugin. Save, close the project, then restart the project. The content will be located on the external drive.

    I hope this helps!
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