No access to Presets with Vacuum Pro 1.0.7 in Ableton Live

A problem with Vacuum Pro 1.0.7 in Ableton Live 10 ... I can't get at the presets.
Clicking. R-clicking, double clicking etc. elicits no response from the Global or the Parts windows. Hovering over these windows produces the ToolTip "See Settings Menu" - but looking there I find no reference to presetsw, library file pathways, etc.. I was able to Save "Default" as "Empty", so the link to opening directories is there, but now can't change out of "Empty".
The presets are all there in folders, "D:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology\VacuumPro\Presets" and the Fresh Air Pack 1 in the subfolder "D:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology\VacuumPro\Presets\Expansions" ... so my problem is not having the presets, it is with the VST not opening any dialog to access these ...
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