I’m confused!

No Patterns Seem to be Available for the Gater in Transfuser 2.0

I've been playing with the different fx in Transfuser 2.0 and came across an issue with the Gater effect. According to the manual, and also by what's on the screen, you should be able to select a pattern for the gater from 32 presets in the patter select menu. No matter what I select, nothing changes. No matter what pattern number I select, nothing happens. The gater just plays the default 1/16 1 measure. This happens with Transfuser 2.0, both the AAX version in Pro Tools 12.8.1 and in VST mode. The patterns don't appear to be available anywhere.
System is Win 10 Pro 64bit, CPU i7

Anyone else have this issue?
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