Pops and clicks in Ignite - tried just about everything!

I've been getting very noticable pops and clicks on my audio recordings for a couple of weeks, mostly near the beginning of the recording, but the odd one in the middle too. I'm using a Producer USB microphone to record audio. I have very recently got a new laptop, which has 12GB RAM and 1TB storage (hhd not ssd though). I am using an ASIO driver and it was working perfectly for several weeks at a low buffer speed (208 - though ignite was on 256 as i didn't realise they had to match, but it was working). When i started experiencing pops and clicks i raised the buffer size - at 512 (Ignite and ASIO matching now) there is still clicks but the latency of the audio recording is becoming noticable when played with the drum track. I have also tried these things:
- uninstalling unnecessary programs/software
- disabling background apps
- disabling unnecessary start up programs
- setting power to high perfomance
- setting display to lower power
- making sure wifi is off
- disabling network cards
- using a different lead
- setting processor scheduling to background services for the audio driver
- checked for updates
- disabled system sounds
- using the built in the microphnes built in WASAPI drivers rather than ASIO, but this didn't to record anything and in playback there was just a high pitched screaming/buzzing noise.

After these things there are still pops and clicks at 512 buffers. When recording the CPU is at about 14% and Memory at about 28% so it shouldn't be overloaded. I would love to know if there are anymore things to try! It was working perfectly for the first few weeks.

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