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It is indeed possible to store Hybrid3 presets in a different folder (Windows 10)

...Just not in the way you'd expect it to be.
But by making use of what computer scientists (like me) call hard links one can actually trick Hybrid3 into fetching their data from a folder located somewhere else than C:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology, which I'll explain in the following guide:

Step 1 - the obvious: MOVE your Hybrid folder from the default directory to your custom folder location, which I'll refer to as [your custom folder location] in the following steps.
You can also rename the folder, just make sure the original Hybrid folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology is gone, otherwise you will get an error later when creating the hard link.

Step 2 - new grounds: Open the Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
You can do that by typing "Command Prompt" into the search bar, right-click the obvious first result and select "Run as administrator" from the drop-down list.

Step 3 - forging the hard link: Essentially what we will do now is creating a special type of link to our new custom directory in the original folder for our Air Music stuff in a way that Hybrid thinks it is still a normal folder and nothing has changed.
This is also a neat way to get around Windows' program files protection that will normally apply to your preset files.

To create said hard link you will have to type the following command into your administrator command prompt and then hit enter:
mklink /J "c:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology\Hybrid" [your custom folder location]
whereas [your custom folder location] again refers to the absolute file path to the actual Hybrid folder you wanna use from now on, preferably in between "\quotation marks".

That's it, if everything went successful Hybrid 3 will not even notice any of its preset files have been moved the next time you start it up
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