PT free air plugins in other DAWs? ALK2

I use the air plugins pretty heavily in pro tools. Noticed when I recently purchased Zen Audios ALK2 the air plugins did not transfer over with all the rest of my plugins (UAD, waves, and some other random). Are the air plugins unique since they came stock with PT? Are they able to be used with other DAWs? Thank you!
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    There are some AIRs plugins that comes bundled with Pro Tools, actually with some of them in "light versions", like the sampler "Structure free". They couldn't be used with other DAW's. At one point this has changed and you can now buy AIR instruments and effects and use them in any DAW that supports VST, AU or AAX.

    You can buy the whole bundle with full version of the instruments on Plugin Boutique.

    Since it's an upgrade you only need to own a single AIR instrument, so for instance the DB-33 should be enough for you to qualify for the upgrade.

    96 USD for that kind of bundle is honestly a no-brainer.
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