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Hi AIR Team,
All AIEP 2.0.2 plug ins (in VST and AU format) crash the following of my host applications:
Native Instruments: Maschine Vers. 1.8.2 (R247)
Native Instruments: Maschine Vers. 2.1.1 (R1332)
Vienna Ensemble Pro Vers. 5.3.13151
I have to complete similar installs on two separate computers.
Both operating systems are latest MAC OSX 10.8.5
Both computers are qualified regarding RAM and processors.
I'm running a small but professional recording facility with lots of other components that work well together.
AIR team, please fix this problem quickly, as I'm sure I'm not alone with this.
If you have followed the specifications for the VST and AU standards, your programs should work from scratch.
Kind Regards
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