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Requesting Help Replicating a Problem in Transfuser

For any of you that have AIR Transfuser, could you see if you can replicate an issue for me? One of the FX in transfuser is the "Gater" effect. Its supposed to have some 32 factory created patterns available that you can select off a pull down menu when you call up the gater effect and look at it in the bottom panel on the Transfuser interface. While I can see the pattern pull down menu with the 32 options, nothing changes no matter which one I select. This happens in both AAX and VST modes. I recently upgraded from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7 and no change.

Could some of you Transfuser users see if you can use the gater pattern menu? Please let me know which version of Transfuser you're using. I'm on Windows 10 as well.

I've reported the issue to AIR, but I'd like to investigate a bit further and see if its only Windows, or both Win and Macs, or if earlier versions are okay, etc. Thanks
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