Strike 2 inserts gaps when dragging recorded midi into DAW. How about dragging midi loops like EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer...etc etc

To construct a midi drum performance for a song, you have to record midi, then drag the result into your DAW. But Stike always inserts weird gaps. And why not simple drag and drop like so many other drum V.I.'s ? I have tried all channels, btw, and that's not the issue. And it's not latency on my system.
This has been going on FOR MANY USERS, for YEARS. It never gets fixed, and yet the software is still being sold. This is a problem with Strike 2, as I have many drum software programs, free and paid. Strike is the only one with this problem.
(I use Studio One ver 4, Lenovo computer 12 gigs RAM, 4 cores at 3.5Ghz )
Each drum VI has it's own strengths. But Strike 2's weaknesses have prevented me from using it for what I need for YEARS. Looks like development has stopped. It's just profit taking now. AIR Music was bought out by some bigger company, right?
It figures.
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