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Strike 2 Installation Problem


I am having trouble uninstalling Strike 2 after what I am pretty sure is a corrupted installation.

The reason for this was that I installed Strike 2 by first extracting all of the zipped files out of Strike_2.0.5_Setup.zip, which results in many of the .big files (the data files for Strike) being missing.

After extracting the files, I ran Strike_2.0.5_Setup.exe, which successfully installed 9 of 15 .big data files. The remaining 6 were not there due to my attempt to extract the files first, as I noted before.

Thus, I am left with a problem the installer doesn't let me fix. Upon attempting to uninstall (there is no option to just install and overwrite existing files), I get the error:

"Could not access network location C:/(directory of installation)/Strike_2.0.5_Setup/AIR Music Technology/AIR Content/Strike\."

What I believe is happening is it cannot find all 15 .big files (as there are only 9), resulting in it not being able to uninstall the software. I have tried downloading a fresh copy of Strike, but it still only lets me attempt to uninstall.

Is there any solution to this or any way to trick the .exe into thinking I have not installed Strike before?

Thanks for any help (and sorry for the long post).
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