Strike 2 MIDI Record inserts spaces in timeline

MIDI record will not work correctly. When I use MIDI record, and then drag the MIDI into the timeline, I get a bar or so of a part of the midi pattern, then a blank space of about a bar...then the pattern resumes, at a random point. The beat does not start "on the one". It starts at a random point, inserts a space, then resumes.

When I find a pattern I like, I just can not get it to record so that it lines up in my songs. This is making Strike unusable for me. It's like having a Corvette with 3 wheels....with no 4th wheel to be found anywhere.

I've been a big fan of AIR Music Tech stuff, so I hope that there's a solution. Strike 2 is so close to greatness.

I really wish that you could just drag patterns straight into the timeline, and have them line up seamlessly. Other programs make this easy (I won't name them for now). But please make this possible. Then Strike 2 will be nearly perfect!
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