Structure 2 can't find any samples

Hello everyone
I saw a similar post about it written 4 years ago and it seems that the problem is not solved.
I have full Structure 2 installed and samples library is on external thunderbolt LaCie drive.

When I try to insert Structure 2 plugin (AAX to Pro Tools or VSTi (AUi) to Reaper - i tried everything) in track it tells me following "...there are new content installed.... this take a while... bla-bla.."
On press OK button I have following situation

I left this process intact for many hours and even days but no luck
Next time I insert the plugin everything goes according to the same scenario.

The strange thing is that during a disk scan, it does not read from.

Im on Mac Pro 6.1 (32RAM) High Sierra 10.13.6 (Pro Tools 2018.7 and Reaper 5.96)
Structure 2 version 2.0.10
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