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Structure 2 Unfixed Bugs / Missing Samples / AU problem

Hi, it is known that Structure 2 doesn't work in Logic Pro X sierra/high sierra. It shows only the 5.1 version. I used blue cat patchwork to use the vst version. Recently I started noticing that if you duplicate a patch a few times or create a few new ones, samples arent loaded at some point any more as if there was a fixed amount of them that can be loaded in a session (red exclamation mark). It happens on both of my macbooks, high sierra 10.13.2 and 10.13.5. It also is a known issue on this forum. Happens in PT 2018.3/4 and Logic Pro X 10.4.1,10.3.2. I reinstalled the os and installed Structure 2 fresh on my internal ssd. Of course, problem persists. I tested it with 2.0.7 and 2.0.10. Can someone share the oldest 2.0.0 version so I can check if it runs without this bug? Also, which version introduced au/vst support? Thanks. Too bad AIR abandoned their products as they sound great.
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  • Another problem in Logic Pro x is that some instruments wrongly share the factory content location. If I load Mini Grand it will ask to locate its content. Then If I load Transfuser 2 or Xpand!2 either of them will try to find their content in Mini Grand's folder. If I point Xpand!2 to its folder then Transfuser 2 and Mini Grand will look for their content in Xpand!2's folder... The solution was to create symbolic links of 2 other instruments in the 3rd instrument's folder... I put Transufer 2 and Mini Grand symbolic links (to .big files) into expand!2's folder. It works. The same problem with Velvet and Strike 2 sharing their content location... It's not relevant now as this workaround works. The biggest problem is structure. Again, can someone share older versions of structure? 2.0.0/ 2.0.5 or maybe some other ones if there are any? Thanks again.
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