Structure Free - I updated and not working now! :(

Hi guys, I am running Pro Tools 12 and have been using the stock AIR bundle that came with Pro Tools. Yesterday I was on the AIR Technology site and saw there was a free update for 'Structure'. I downloaded this and now when I stat Pro Tools it asks me for an activation code for 'Structure' and I cannot use it anymore..The only option I see it is to spend $149 to get it again...This does;t seem right at all, and I really just want to go back to how Structure was working yesterday before updating it! I wouldn't have done it if it meant losing the plugin! Any ideas? Thanks! Nik
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  • Hi Nik,

    Thanks for posting. 

    The updates posted on our website are for the VST and AU versions of the software. This will require an activation code. Please keep in mind that, unless we recommend users to do so, it's not always necessary to perform updates. To download the Structure software version that came included with your Pro Tools installation, please log in to your Avid account. The latest installers for that version will be found within your Avid account, as well. If you find the installers are missing from your account, please get in touch with Avid directly.
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