I’m frustrated

Structure not allowing me to save an edit to a patch I created

This is an issue that pops up once in a while and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. In this case, I created a multi-sample of a sound I made in Vacuum. I did all this in Pro Tools 12.8. I created all the samples with the note designations, and imported them to Structure, no problem. I then saved it as a starting point, and because I usually save as I go along. I Then I created loop points for each sample and other edits. I added 2 more part layers of the same set with the loop points. Added some other FX and then when I go to re-save it by overwriting the first one, I get the error message below, which makes no sense whatsoever. These are samples I created myself. How can I not save my own work? This HAS to be a bug of some sort in Structure. It does the same thing if I try to re-name the patch to a different name, too. My system is Win 10 Pro 64bit.i7 2.67 GHz.
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