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Structure Selfmade Sample Patch "play" problem

Hello I have a problem with the Structure Sampler. I would like to create a custom patch with homemade samples. The samples I have done some time ago in logic Pro done and bounced with 44.1 kHz stereo. I would have now in the structure full version under Pro Tools 12 HD the samples from the browser on the left side pulled, then a new patch is created. If I now the samples on the keyboard, it plays me all samples only briefly and not the full length, not the root key key. What am I doing wrong? Is there a problem when pulling in? Do the samples still need to be converted? Or do I have to adjust the structure something special? I have created in logic over the EXS sampler a finished patch which works there but as soon as I open this patch in Structure is the routing everything ok only he plays the samplers all only briefly and not in original length?I am already a bit desperate and would be glad about a help very muchthank you
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