structure 2 shows red exclamation marks with only 666 MB used

With Protools 11 and Structure 2 ( not the free one ) and 16 Gb of memory in my MacPro under Maverick is it possible to use in a session all the patches of Orchestral elements from Structure Factory libraries ?
Wanting to have a whole orchestra in front of me I tried but after a moment Structure showed me red exclamation marks asking me to find samples it does not find by itself.
In Setup/Engine, Structure shows me only 666 MB used. That devil number is the maximum it wants me to load before the problem...
Of course if I delete patches, Structure find and loads like a charm the sounds it did not find before.
So, where is the advantage of 64 bits and the possibility of using more than 4 Gb? Or is there something I must set ?
If you have an idea I'd be so happy !
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