Transfuser retriger sequence with daw

Geist, Ultrabeat, Maschine etc have in common that when you loop or cycle a portion in the daw, the sequencer of the drum machine is retriggered so that it keeps running along with the sequencer. With Transfuser this is not the case, even with latch selected. With transfuser when the daw is stopped, and than played again, Transfuser doesn't get a start signal from the daw to run. This makes Transfuser really hard to use. This keeps me from using the software all together. Is there a way to keep Transfuser running with the daw? If not PLEASE i am begin on hands and knees to implement this in an update since it is vital to the workflow of the modern electronic music producer.

( i noticed the same issue with boom in Protools, the plugin doesn't get a signal from the daw to run automatically. And that is what we young adhd dance producers like: keep it running and jam on it)
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