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UI Broken in ProTools 10 OSX/10.8.5

Since upgrading to AIR.E.P 2.0 / 10.8.5, most of the time the UI for all plugins (Strike, Structure, Velvet, etc...) is unresponsive. No controls respond to mouse clicks.

If I continually open and close the plugin UI from within ProTools, it will eventually come to life. However, if I try and use a sub-menu with the plugin (i.e.: the hit type in the Strike pattern editor) the menu appears, but I can't select anything.

It's kind of making the plugins un-usable at the moment. Has anyone else seen this?

I have several different versions of ProTools that will run under 10.8, no joy.

It seems if I install plugins from AIR.E.P v1 they work.

Many thanks in advance,
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