Why am I never notified about updates?

Why am I never notified about updates? Why am I never sent the upgrade codes or links? I always hear about them from a third party on the pro tools expert website. The article usually says that all registered owners will be notified how to get the update, but I am never notified. I've owned the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack since version 1 when it was the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack, and I've had to go through this whole process for the first upgrade to version 2, and then again with the next upgrade to include Logic support. And now I read there's a new update, and once again I am left out. I opened up a support ticket on the website, and that was a week ago at least, and it's been ignored. What do I have to do to get recognized as a user of this product? The website keeps asking for a product serial number, I've never had a product serial number, originally it was done with an iLok, and now it's done with authorization codes for each downloaded instrument. So what the heck is my serial number? Why can't your website just have the ability to login to your account and download your updates like every other virtual instrument manufacturer does? Please straighten this out, I'm really getting tired of this, and tempted to just use other virtual instruments.
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