I’m frustrated

XPand!2 Activation gone wrong/Cant validate my Xpand!2 version

I activated xpand!2 with my activationkey, i got with my keyboard. The Activation failed. I tried again, but i get the message, that the activation code redemption limit has been reached. I looked at iLok Licence Manager, but i didnt get the licence and i cant activate Xpand!2. I have checked before, that it was the 64 bit version and the newest. I dondt know what to do, because i contacted the support from this website over three weeks ago and didnt get any reaction to my problem. WHAT CAN I DO?
Please help, im really sad, that i cant use xpand!2

I use Win10 Ableton 64bit
The activation of sonivox Twist, which was pretty the same worked.

PS: Sorry for the bad english :C
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