Xpand2 Sounds misiing in ProTools 12.6

I was working on a song in PT 12.6 and had Xpand2 on a Drum 'Instrument' track and a Bass on another Instrument track.

Both were working fine.
Then next time I opened PT to that song, the Xpand2 sounds were not there. Everything in the PT looks the same, but when I click on the Xpand2 instrument icon, it asks me to find the missing content.

I checked in Finder and the AIR Music Tech folder is still there, with the 'Xpand2.big' file also present. BUT when using the Browse function from within PT 12.6 to try and reload these missing sounds, all of the AIR Tech files are Greyed Out: ie I can't select them.

When I check back in Finder these same files are not greyed out.

Anybody know why this is and what to do about it?
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