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I’m frustrated

Xxpand!2 does not have convert program to VST presets option for Cubase artist 8.5.20?

thought i was going crazy or steinberg (cubase 8.5.20) forgot to include that option in the last update over the summer of 2016 for cubase!xpand2 has way to many sounds to try an convert one preset at a time on its own.i dont have time to search the xpand2 folder for sounds when i have the media bay in cubase! i spent about an hour looking online thinking it was a cubase issue when in all it was xpand2! the thing that tip me off was saying to myself let me check another vst to see whats missing an sure enough all the vst i have,has that option to "convert program list to vst presets" in cubase artist 8.5.20 but xpand2 doesn't! so to the AIR team please get on this work around ASAP!
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