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[Force] Some praise for the Force development

Browsing this forum I understand the there is a natural bias towards negative feedback as most people that are happy won't bother looking here but never the less I feel some positive feedback is due.

I certainly hope this is not the only feedback channel the team behind the Force development has because I feel this place makes everything look rather negative. Working in firmware development in a resource constrained environment and knowing a lot of views in different business areas selling software and devices I am almost sure that also this product is working with limited resources (developers/time).

I can not speak for earlier firmware versions but with the current one the hardware and operating system perform flawlessly which is a huge feat by itself. I did not have a single operating system crash or hardware dropout (I even power my Force with a USB C PD power bank without issues sometimes or use ASIO4ALL in Ableton in a range of 3-12ms input to output delay). Given the complexity of our modern development environments and all the hardware and software features I am very happy with the stability and possibilities it gives me.

Naturally if you compare your product to a full DAW+Synths+Connectivity you will bring yourself in a spot that makes a lot of users expect a lot of different use cases and this might make some unhappy (as their exact workflow is not supported) but from my point of view a lot of core functionality is working very well (also shout-out to AIR technology for their synths)!

That said as a message to everyone making making this possible, keep up the good work!

PS: Akai actually having a feedback forum is more than a lot of other companies although sometimes it might feel a little frustrating as there is no complete feedback loop (you always get a response but you don't know what actually happened with your input) but I guess this is the way it will be with every bigger consumer product.