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[MPC Live] It would be nice if Akai...

Dear Akai team. You've done an amazing job creating beautify products. But there are things that could be done better to avoid user frustrations with software issues and limitations. In my view, I think it would benefit both users and the product team if some of the following were to be adopted. So I'm sharing my hopeful list of wishes which is primarily focused on strategy:

- It would be nice if with every release note, we also get a section about known issues so we know what bugs or issues the product team is acknowledging and working on for the next releases. This has several advantages: 1. we know Akai is aware of an issue. We don't flood forums by logging the issue multiple time. we don't get frustrated thinking Akai is clueless about the quality of their updates.

- It would be nice if we had official forum threads or official pages sharing future milestones so we know where product development is heading and what to expect.

- It would be nice if Akai added a view/form to provide structured feedback right from the hardware. For devices that have Wifi.

- It would be nice if Akai committed to frequent minor releases for bug fixes and less frequent major releases that bring new features.

- It would be nice if the Akai product team took some time to be active in the forums to validate and acknowledge issues. It's not a crime to be social. It's a benefit to work with a wider audience with various needs that can catch rare issues typically hard to reproduce by the internal QA teams.

- It would be nice if Akai initiated forum threads to invite hardware/software users to share ideas and collaborate on the development of the product.

Thank you for considering!
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