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[MPCX standalone] Option to Convert Sample Files While Playing

Currently, files that are loaded into RAM, are blanketly converted to 32-bit format in memory. This is how I understand it, if I am misinformed, please let me know.

Lots of sample libraries, obviously those on CD's, are in 16-bit formats. People like me who try to exclusively use 16-bit samples, if they are converted to 32-bit, would essentially free up half of the memory in the MPC. That is a lot of memory wasted.

Now, this could of course, increase the CPU usage significantly, but I have no data to discuss that. Though, if that is the case, one wonder how the disk streaming is going to work. Do all material need to be converted to the local sample pool first? If so, then the disk read bandwidth would double?

Anyways, something to potentially wish for and discuss.
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