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[MPCX standalone] Step Seq - Select Shift Pad Banks

When I am in the step sequencer (with or without the PAD SEL option selected), I can easily select pad bank A-D. But it is really confusing to switch to E-H when in the STEP SEQ mode.

When I press SHIFT to access to E-H, the behavior really is rather strange.

Let's say I have pad bank B selected, select PAD SEL, play some pads, then switch to pad bank G using SHIFT, don't press any pads (make sure to let go of SHIFT, now press PAD SEL. Pad bank B is still red, even though I just switched to G, also PAD SEL is relentlessly deselected each time.

Now, do it again (don't forget to selected PAD SEL each time to see what is selected) but this time after switching to pad bank G while still holding the SHIFT button pressed down, just play a pad or two. It really does switch to pad bank G.

So as long as you play a pad or two WHILE holding SHIFT, the switch happens, otherwise it does not. I have a hard time believing this behavior is desired. I mean, A-D does not really suffer from it, since you still have a change after the pad bank is pressed, but when using SHIFT, a pad MUST be pressed before letting go of SHIFT, or I have to press PAD SEL hold SHIFT tap a pad bank and a pad again.

It took me a while to even figure out how to use a pad bank E-H.

Also, since shift has an alternate purpose in many screens, which is to switch the screen buttons to alternate functionalities. In the STEP SEQ itself, for example, you get the ability to CLEAR BAR and to go to previous/next track (this is strange to me, since there is a drop down at the top allowing me to go to any track).

IMHO, when I press a pad bank A-D or SHIFT for E-H, the expected behavior is that the pads have been switched. I really shouldn't need to ALSO tap a pad, to confirm that I wanted to switch? Isn't holding SHIFT and pressing those rather remote buttons in the upper left corner enough? :)
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  • Indeed, we actually could'nt do it and gave up on switching to banks E-H. The non
    ability of the step sequencer to follow on automatically beyond step 16 (pattern 2)
    moved us further away from this sequencer tool for the time beeing.

    Roland made good use of 16 step sequencer concepts on various drummachines.
    There has always been a pattern follow option, step 17 did appear as step 1 of
    pattern 2, step 33 did show as step 1 of pattern 3 etc.

    We miss automatic pattern switching when using the MPC Software/MPC Touch.

    The MPC step sequencer is a basic 16 step sequencer usable for Banks A-D, but
    it could be a great 64 step sequencer ..covering more patterns and Banks.

    • Try switching to pad bank E-H, by tapping any of the pads, while still holding the SHIFT button after pressing E-H. It's very frustrating because the intuitive SHIFT + E-H (and let go) combo takes precedence even after many forced switching sessions.

      I have DR-202 program I created, though I had to discard quite a few samples from the source (which had around 200 or so). I thought about splitting ALL samples into two separate 202 programs. This is what I have used lately and this sort of force me to use all pad banks.
    • FYI you can double tap the bank select rather than pressing shift to get to the second bank (in general, this is not a response to your specific problem). i.e double tap Bank A to select Bank E: I prefer this to pressing shift which takes two hands.
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  • Hey everybody,

    Thanks for posting!

    @Robert - I do understand what you're saying in terms of selecting the pad in a bank outside of banks A-D and I hear you. It can bit a bit confusing but you do still need to push a pad in a specific bank to select that bank.

    As Daniel mentioned, you can double tap a bank select button to toggle the alt bank instead of holding shift (I prefer this method myself). Try this: with a pad in bank A selected, toggle Pad Sel on, double tap the bank A/E button then push a pad. A pad in bank E should now be selected.

    That said, our development team wants to hear your feedback so If you would like to suggest an idea for the MPC workflow, be sure to submit this as a feature request with the MPC 2 Software's built-in feedback module. The feedback module is represented by a smiley icon at the lower right side of the software next to the browser icons. This information goes directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    If you need an alternative method of submitting feedback, you may use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Thanks for helping out, everybody!
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