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3 Steps to Customer Satisfaction & 1.7 FEATURE Requests

#1 - COMMUNICATION; Akai it is always a good idea to give your customers prior notification if you plan to drop support of an OS or a product. Please also place that info in the release notes. Releasing support for an OS(Mavericks for example) in a timely manner is expected. In the event that there is an issue then inform your customers.

#2- SUPPORT; Releasing an unstable, half implemented software is just plain bad business! Fix the MPC software and make it stable. The MPC Ren should be able to do all that is stated in the manual and MORE by now!!

#3- INNOVATION; Bug fixes are NOT new features! I say it again, bug fixes are NOT new features!!! Customers expect new features and designs that are intuitive, and well implemented. Customers need new features that spark creativity. Work a rounds for the MPC software are essentially roadblocks to that creativity!

That being said ...Here is my 1.7 Top Ten Feature Requests
!. Multicore aipport
2. Direct Record (Great Idea from Simon in Australia!)
3. Audio Tracks
4. Real Time Time Stretch/Pitch
5. BPM Detection
6. Global Mixer
7. EFX automation
8. Export via Pads
9. Improved software stability/ performance enhancements
10. Drag & Drop sample slices to pads.
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