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4 very important feature requests for mpc live\x\one

hello Akai staff, other than the usual suspects (midi multitimbrality, disk streaming) i would like to add 5 feature requests that i think can really improve the workflow and i think (maybe i'm wrong) arent too hard to bring in the actual code:

1) step record mode:
with the sequencer stopped you hit record and can insert notes via pads (retaining velocity data) and scroll thru the timeline via data wheel (might be even in grid view only, better if even possible on the main page). this is a very easy way to create complex articulation on slice programs even with fast tempos, very much faster than writing on the grid with your finger, then if needed one can edit it via grid view or list edit. it was present on older mpc models and jjos2xl.

2) sustain loop improvement for keygroups:
i'd love the ability to set a "loop end" that's different from sample end. if you can even add an edit tool like in jjos2xl where one visually matches the end of the loop with the start in a custom window, that would be killer. it was the best implementation i've ever seen for sustain loops, but even without it it's key to be able to loop only a portion of the sample where the end doesn't always coincide with the sample end.

3) sample tune follows bpm (NO WARP):
after you match your loop to sequence bpm the usual way, i'd love the bpm sync button to be able to work without WARP engaged, so that if you change the sequence tempo in real time the sample gets tuned accordingly, hence having it always on time but with pitch change (old sampler behaviour, no warp, no audio artifacts except pitch difference). i think this is the easiest thing to do. or introduce a WARP algorhithm that does this like the Ableton Live REPITCH algo.

4) NEXT SEQUENCE immediately play feature:
being able to jump from one sequence to another, quantized to the timing correct value, but have the next sequence pick up where the previous left, like the IMMEDIATELY PLAY feature on jjos2xl or the LEGATO mode on launch clip properties in Ableton Live

this is really strange, having to go to global preferences , set a default to start a project in 3/4 and then having to change it for every project feels awkward. a simple project time sig feature is very important. much better would be the ability to set proper time signature for each sequence like in classic MPCs. this feels like a huge jump backwards, please remember that people used mpc's for all kind of music making, not only hip hop beats or EDM dance tracks. a modern , serious music production workstation can not be complete without this feature that was a stable in mpc dating back 30 years. please fix this.

thanks for your attention.
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