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I’m excited

A few suggestions to make Advance keyboards even more awesome!

1) Expand to 4 Banks of 32 controls each (128 total)
In sound design, especially with complex synths, you want access to more than 32 controls. Even if the Akai team don't want to map out 128 controls I say just give us the option to do it ourselves. That way we never have to look at our computer or touch a mouse for anything in creating a sound.

2) Sound Design different from Performance Controls
Perhaps this can already be done with setlists and custom controls but I would think to merely have 8 specific controls custom to a synth in a set list, each synth having it's own custom 8 irregardless of what the synth would have mapped for controls normally. So I can go to Synth 1 for song 1 and I got 8 controls I want, then to synth 2 or patch 2 for song 2 and a whole new 8 controls to play with for that song etc.

3) Plugin Manager separate tabs Plugins, FX, Other...
Right now they are all together in one big list. I like order and simplicity so I suggest tabs for different plugin types.

4) Expand MIDI controls from 1 bank of 8 to 4 banks of 8.
For controlling DAW instruments or external hardware it be nice to have more controls accessible.

5) Set Sync External in plugin mode and Internal in standalone.
Seems I have to go into Global to change the sync setting every time I want to go from standalone to plugin. The ability to set one for plugin and one for standalone would be great.

6) Finally I already suggested in another post but worth repeating...Being able to name CCs in MIDI mode to reflect actual parameter and then save as template.
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